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Do share your UPSC as well as all/any other examinations' experience in context of this blog and its contribution towards the same. Also, the role this blog has played in making its reader get a better/good grasp of the subject as a whole. It will only work to better this blog and continue it. Send your testimonials via the comments option and it will be conveyed.

 As mentioned within its very first post, this blog was created with sincere efforts to generate a vivid conceptual & theoretical hold of the discipline of Public Administration in the minds of genuinely interested readers.
It is relevant to note that this blog was initiated to elucidate various aspects of Public Administration in order to allow any person belonging to any walk of life to reap benefits from the thorough base research of the blog.

Sincere efforts have been put into this blog to create a clear conceptual & theoretical hold over the subject of Public Administration in the reader's mind along with certain practical examples.

Therefore, UPSC aspirants should take note,that together with conceptual & theoretical knowledge, it is their responsibility & extremely imperative on their part to work on the practical aspects through proper General studies preparation, keeping abreast with current statistics of the topics in the public administration syllabus, up to date with current events and issues through newspaper and relevant magazines/journal reading, watching news and debates,using the internet effectively,etc. and then regularly applying their analytical skills to arrive at just and practicable solutions for the issues on the lines of Public Administration concepts/theories. It is relevant to note that conceptual & theoretical knowledge coupled with the candidates's hard work, proper strategy of keeping abreast with current affairs and analysing those events, time management and most important a presence of mind to interlink and connect the theoretical and conceptual knowledge with the practical facts at the opportune time in order to arrive at a holistic answer for the questions posed in the upsc mains exams are the recipe to success.

In furtherance of research from different sources viz. Public Administration Mains UPSC answer writing skills, the following points have been reproduced below which would be helpful:

Both the papers are interlinked and should not be thought of as separate. Paper 1 is all about Public Administration theories and concepts, and paper 2 is about the practical aspects of administration specific to India,that is Indian Administration and how the theories of Public Administration can be applied practically in today's times in India. Paper 2 questions are often related to General studies questions and covers Public Administration in the contemporary times and would require you to be analytical in your approach. The theoretical knowledge of paper 1 syllabus combined with a well rounded  general studies preparation and paper 2 syllabus preparation will help the candidate in analysing the practical questions asked in paper 2, on the lines of Public Administration theories/concepts, and make connections among the various topics of the syllabus. This would represent the candidate's all round knowledge about the subject in depth and not just mugging up.

The presentation of answers can be as per the comfort of the candidate, however, what matters is the true content which obviously can never vary in its versions , and it should be strictly within the boundary of what is asked in the question and well within the word limit.

Develop a general interest & aptitude for the subject,as only that will lead you through.

There should always be a short introduction to your answer that would give a background of the topic and then continue it into the body of the answer that can be in any form ( bullet points,paragraph,etc). The answer body along with theoretical and conceptual points should contain suitable examples - current/historical(or both) regarding the topic in question and then the conclusion should be remedial, forward looking in approach and optimistic. Be very careful regarding the conclusion because it will give a face to your analytical skills.
Always remember, the main idea of writing an answer or an essay is always the same, to give a true picture of the topic along with the solutions you put forward which should be based on sound principles of Public Administration and practicality.

Do go through previous years question papers ( last 4-5 years) religiously, answer them and evaluate your knowledge,grasp and understanding of the subject yourself or by referring to persons experienced in the art of UPSC answer writing.

At the end, it is your decision. Soliciting advice is a good practice,but the decision should be yours taking into account what is feasible to you.

It has been this blog's honest effort to try and cover all possible areas in its knowledge related to its posts,however, it is entirely the candidate's discretion to prepare and execute his/her UPSC Mains exam preparation strategy.

Also,do go through these links to find out what the toppers of civil services have to say regarding answer writing for Pub admin mains questions along with their answers. It would be of immense help. Refer -

Best wishes to all those appearing for the UPSC Mains Exam 2012.


Click on ' JOIN THIS SITE ' to get instant updates on new posts on this blog. And also for 'INTERACTIONS AND DISCUSSIONS' regarding this blog's posts 'JOIN ITS FACEBOOK COMMUNITY/GROUP' that is mentioned on the right hand side of this page.


  1. I am searching for the first unit of paper one can I get that please as to develop a good understanding your notes can help a lot before I get into the books I m right now referring awashi and maheshwari for the same please I need an overall synopsis on it just to create my own

    1. @ Kiran: Refer to the first three posts on this blog which in their ambit have assimilated each topic of the first unit of UPSC Mains Public Administration Paper 1 syllabus in detail.
      Links for the same -

      All the best for your endeavours.

  2. very informative post indeed.. being enrolled in,I was looking for such articles online to assist me.. and your post helped me a lot :)

  3. Useful information, thanks for sharing updates of RecruitmentBharat